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2017 Podcast

3/21/2017 - Episode 103 - This episode features the latest presentation by History Professor and Historian Dr. Eva Semien Baham. This program is titled "Marching to Zion: Faith in Forging Legacies and Lessons" and it focuses on African American religious history.  It draws from local church history and places them in the context of both regional and national experiences of African Americans and the work of religious groups which left strong and abiding legacies and lessons. (Runtime 56:14)

1/31/2017 - Episode 102 - The Children's Librarian at the Slidell Branch, Miss Jen, joins host Benny Bruce to discuss some of the most popular library events and programs for kids.  Find out how your children can take part in an upcoming Superbowl Tailgating Party and much more. (Runtime 10:09)


2016 Podcast

11/7/2016 - Episode 101 - This episode features an exclusive interview of Best Selling Children's Author and Academy Award Winner William Joyce by our special guest junior corespondent Violet.  Find out about what inspired him to become the creative force that he is and what it's like to have your hometown throw you a ticker-tape parade after winning an Oscar.  Children's Coordinator Tanya DiMaggio describes the author's visit to a local middle school as well as our own Covington branch library.  (Runtime 21:46)

3/24/2016 - Episode 100 -  Local author and historian Dr. Eva Baham presents a lecture that explores the lives and lineage of several 19th century families in Covington as both free people and slaves. The lecture is titled "Quasi-Slave, Suspiciously 'Free', Still Property: The Peculiarity of Slavery in Covington" and includes information about local families including the Terrell, Bagley, and Rhodes families. (Runtime 1:09:31)

2015 Podcast

12/4/2015 - Episode 99 - Find out when Santa Clause will be at your local branch, plus plenty of other events in December. Also, Children's Services Coordinator Miss Tanya is back to tell you all about the upcoming Winter Break Reading Program for kids. (Runtime 13:16)

2/5/2015 - Episode 98 - On this episode, you'll find out about our free online resource for learning a foreign language or for learning English as a second language with Reference librarian Jillian Boudreaux from the Slidell Branch. Also, you'll hear all about upcoming events at the library for all ages.  (Runtime 9:14)

1/22/2015 - Episode 97 - Plan your upcoming week and weekend with library events for all ages.  (January 23-29).  Also, find out how high school students can earn service hours and share their ideas and interests by joining our Teen Volunteer Councils.  Special guest: Teen Services Coordinator Miss Jennifer.  (Runtime 9:54) 

1/20/2015 - Episode 96 - Listen to this episode to find out what's happening at the library this weekend (January 16th and 17th).  Also, host Benny Bruce encourages you to use the library to find out everything you can about your interests, hobbies, and curiosities.   (Runtime 5:42) 

2014 Podcast

3/10/2014 - Episode 95 - This episode features the recent library program "African-Americans in Covington: Origins to the Present" presented by history professor Eva Semien Baham, Ph.D.  It explores the important and critical events of the African-American community which acted to shape modern-day Covington and St. Tammany Parish.   (Runtime 1:17:55) 

2/12/2014 - Episode 94 - "8 Books You Should Read Before You See Their Movies This Year."  They say the book is always better than the movie, so here is your chance to read the original books before Hollywood releases their movies throughout 2014.  All of the titles on this list are on our library shelves and waiting to be checked out by you.  Also, find out why the Slidell branch has temporarily moved into a facility across the street.  (Runtime 12:17)

12/16/2013 - Episode 93 - It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.  This episode features our annual phone call to Santa's Workshop.  Who do you think will answer the phone this year?  Also, Children's Services Coordinator Miss Tanya discusses all of the events and programs surrounding the 75th Anniversary of the Caldecott Medal Celebration including a reading challenge for ages 3-11.  Also, find out how you can find some incredible cookbooks and fishing guides by the late, great Frank Davis as we pay tribute to one of St. Tammany Parish's favorite sons.  (Runtime 18:01)

11/22/2013 - Episode 92 - To mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, here is a special encore presentation of our most popular podcast ever.  Author of the book "Dr. Mary's Monkey", Edward T. Haslam, gives a presentation about his book and the related book "Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love, and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" by Judyth Vary Baker.  Both books are available for checkout at your local STPL branch.  Mr. Haslam explains how the murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans, and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics. This recording took place in front of a packed meeting room on the morning of March 28th, 2011 at the Causeway Branch Library.  This podcast features the entire unedited program.  (Runtime 2:13:52)

4/11/2013 - Episode 91 - Favorite Poems for Children: Some of our Children's Librarians recite and discuss their favorite works of poetry for kids. "Some of them rhyme, some of them don't. Some make you laugh, but some of them won't. Some are short and some are funny. There's one about food that will turn your tummy." Also, learn all about National Library Week April 14-20. (Runtime 29:43)

3/18/2013 - Episode 90 - Genealogy Librarian Ashley Biggs tells you all about our "Introduction to Genealogy" programs where beginners can find out how to use the library's many sources to begin tracing their family histories.  Also, listen to our calendar of upcoming library events. (Runtime 14:42)

2/25/2013 - Episode 89 - "Medicare Fraud: Report It or Regret It", recorded at the Slidell library on February 6th.  This presentation, given by Julie Agan, Program Manager for Louisiana Senior Medicare Patrol, will teach you how to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.  Also on this episode, catch up on the latest library news and events. (Runtime 26:32)

1/15/2013 - Episode 88- Genealogy librarian Ashley Biggs talks about an upcoming event called "Proving Your Ancestry: A Case Study of One St. Tammany Family".  She discusses some of the common obstacles and solutions of genealogy research.  Also, host Benny Bruce plays clips of his Fregal free music download choices.  Find out how you can get free music with just your library card.  Also, hear about some of the great upcoming programs and events happening at your local branch library. (Runtime 17:11) 

11/30/2012 - Episode 87 - Celebrate the holidays library style.  This episode features our annual phone call to Santa's workshop.  Also, Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya tells you about all of the fun events and activities being held at libraries throughout the parish for kids during the month of December.  (Runtime 25:53)

9/28/2012 - Episode 86 - Love and romance are on full display as two lovers from Covington exchange letters at the turn of the 20th century.  Covington native Christian Garcia presents his book "Now and Always: A Louisiana Love Story" (available for check-out) in this program which was presented at the Covington library this summer.  The book contains letters written between his grandparents over a hundred years ago.
(Runtime 47:41)

8/21/2012 - Episode 85 - Did you know you could play music with an ordinary garden hose?  It's true, and on this episode, musician Howard Pink will explain how many common things can be used as horns.  Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya interviews Mr. Pink about his background and the evolution of horns throughout music history.  Also, you'll meet Bella McMullen, the winner of our Summer Reading Program raffle and the recipient of a brand new IPad. (Runtime 15:53)

7/19/2012 - Episode 84 - On this episode, listen in on the recent Bastille Day Celebration at the Folsom Library.  You'll hear some traditional Cajun French music performed by Bernie David and the Cajun Friends.  Also, Children's Services Coordinator Miss Tanya interviews two more of our Summer Reading Program Special Guest Performers.  Featured on this episode is Karen Walker from the LSU AG Center who discusses the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for children.  Also, you'll meet Nanette Ledet who toured the libraries this summer with her program about the history of Tap Dancing.  (Runtime 27:59)

7/09/2012 - Episode 83 - Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya interviews two more of our Summer Reading Program special guests.   This episode features Rose Butler from the Audubon Zoo's Wetland Express program.  Also, musician/entertainer Phillip Melancon talks about his shows for children called Melon Songs.  Finally, you'll hear Christy and the Rascals perform a song from their repertoire of vintage jazz and swing songs, recorded live during a recent performance at the Slidell Branch Library.  (Runtime 28:08)

6/18/2012 - Episode 82 - Louisiana is home to nationally and internationally known puppeteers, and on this episode, Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya interviews them.  Featuring Karen Konnerth of Calliope Puppets and Alice Wallace and Marcus Quebedeaux of Hobgoblin Hill Puppets.  It's an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the art of puppetry.  (Runtime 23:25)

6/05/2012 - Episode 081 - Recently, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of extensive renovations to the Slidell Branch Library.  On this episode, you'll hear highlights from that event.  Speakers include St. Tammany Parish Library Director Donald Westmoreland, Parish President Pat Brister, Parish Councilman Steve Stefancik, and Library Board of Control President Dr. Argiro Morgan.
(Runtime 19:43)

5/09/2012 - Episode 080 - On this episode, the award winning children's author and illustrator Denise Fleming is interviewed by our own Miss Tanya and Miss Mim.  The interview was recorded on location at the 2012 Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. 
(Runtime 18:27)

4/23/2012 - Episode 079 - On this episode, Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya is back from the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia and she'll tell you all about her trip, the conference, and things you can expect to see at the Library in the future.  Also, host Benny Bruce tells you about his weekly free music downloads from Freegal, the library's free music download service.  (Runtime 23:37)

3/29/2012 - Episode 078 - "And the winner is..."  On this episode, you'll hear librarians from our Children's Department discuss this year's award winning books for children. Also, come celebrate National Library Week April 8-14 with a week's worth of events at the Slidell Library. Listen for details.  (Runtime 28:39)

3/13/2012 - Episode 077 - Our Children Services Department discusses their favorite books for kids of this past year.  Find out which titles caught their eye and what they liked about them.  Parents will want to make note of these books and check them out for their little ones to enjoy.   (Runtime 42:15)

1/27/2012 - Episode 076 - On this episode, Miss Tanya, our Children Services Coordinator, introduced you to the new Youth Services Librarian at the Covington Branch, Miss Christina.  Also, find out about upcoming free classes that can aid you in finding employment, resume writing, and basic accounting skills.  Finally, if you're a fan of crime fiction and mysteries, we've got a three part series of programs that you'll enjoy.  Listen to this episode for all the details.  (Runtime 14:15)

12/30/2011 - Episode 075 - On this episode, Reference Librarian Sue Ryan of the Slidell Library discusses the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center Database which covers all kinds of activities and interests with downloadable articles, documents, and videos.  Also, Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya will introduce you to the new Youth Services Librarian at the Mandeville Branch, Miss Katy.  (Runtime 12:04)

12/17/2011 - Episode 074 - On this special holiday season podcast, listen in as Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya interviews none other than the jolly fellow himself: Santa Clause!!!  You'll find out all about the Winter Break Reading Program as well as many other holiday events happening at libraries all around the parish.  Also, find out how you can meet and take a picture with Santa.  (Runtime 14:15)

11/29/2011 - Episode 073 - On this episode, you'll hear a recent library program featuring author Ian McNulty discussing his book "Louisiana Rambles: Exploring America's Cajun and Creole Heartland".  The book spotlights McNulty's series of daytrips to delve into the area's diverse cultural landscapes outside of the New Orleans metropolitan area.  Also, Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya brings along her helpers to tell you all about the books nominated for the 2012 Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award.  This is part one of a two part series of book descriptions that will be continued on the next podcast.  (Runtime 46:35)

11/02/2011 - Episode 072 - POoDCAST CONTEST: To celebrate the release of the new book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, we are having a contest.  Listen to this episode as Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya gives you all the information you need to enter this exciting contest.  Also, hear an interview with Grayhawk, the Native American storyteller.  Plus, hear him tell one of his scariest stories right here on the show.  Prepare to be scared.  (Runtime 30:52)

10/31/2011 - Episode 071 - On this episode, you'll hear the groundbreaking ceremony of the Madisonville Branch Library in its entirety.  The ceremony was hosted by STPL Director Donald Westmoreland.  Featured speakers include Library Board of Control President Dr. Argiro Morgan, Congressman Steve Scalise, Parish President Kevin Davis, Madisonville Mayor Peter Gitz, Louisiana State Librarian Rebecca Hamilton, and Rev. George T. Burris, Pastor of the St. James Baptist Church.  The ceremony also includes a performance by the Madisonville Middle School Choir.  (Runtime 38:50)

10/17/2011 - Episode 070 - On this episode, find out all about the groundbreaking ceremony and reception for the Madisonville Branch Library.  It's the first groundbreaking for a new library branch in St. Tammany in over 20 years and you're invited.  Also, find out what Halloween themed events for kids are happening in your part of the parish.  We're offering everything from scary stories to skeleton exhibits.  Listen to find out dates, times, and locations.  Also, find out all about Teen Read Week.  (Runtime 9:15)

9/14/2011 - Episode 069 - Join us for a trip to the Audubon Zoo. Children Services Coordinator Miss Tanya talks with Monica from the zoo's Education Dept about some of the items you can see and touch as part of this month's Exploration Express programs. Listen for dates, times, and locations at a STPL branch near you.  (Runtime 19:48)

8/22/2011 - Episode 068 - It's back to school time again.  As the little ones head back to class, Children Services Coordinator Tanya DiMaggio discusses why a library card is the most important item among your school supplies.  Also, mothers and mothers-to-be (and fathers) will find our discussion of pregnancy guides and parenting manuals very interesting.  (Runtime 25:35)

7/27/2001 - Episode 067 - The American Library Association recently held its annual conference in New Orleans and Miss Tanya, our Children's Services Coordinator, was there with her daughter Isabelle.  On this episode, they both share their ALA experience with you.  Also, find out more about Freegal, the downloadable music service that you can use for free with your STPL Library card.  And finally, you'll hear about some upcoming programs and events coming soon to a library branch near you.  (Runtime 16:25)

7/8/2011 - Episode 066 - Teens from the Slidell and Covington libraries discuss the Summer Reading theme "You are Here" and random other things on their minds as part of the "On the Air: Teen Podcast" events.  Find out where they've been, where they are going, and what they would bring to a deserted island.  Also, you'll meet our Artist-in-Residence Jennifer Schumaker as she is interviewed by Jillian, a young art enthusiast who participated in a recent art program just for 'Tweens.  (Runtime 15:26)

6/20/2011 - Episode 065 - Take a musical tour around the globe with some of our Children's Summer Reading guest performers as they tell you about their instruments and the culture of the regions that made those instruments popular.  Brazilian percussion, Australian didgeridoo, and European accordion are spotlighted in this episode.   Also, hear a lively conversation with some local teens from the Causeway Branch Library as they discuss the Summer Reading theme of "You Are Here".  (Runtime 27:06)

6/09/2011 - Episode 064 - Meet two of our Children's Summer Reading Special Guests on this episode. First, local storyteller and yoga instructor Liz Bragdon talks about her upcoming programs "Folktales with a Twist" which uses creative movement to tell tales. Then you'll meet Frank Levy as he discusses his upcoming programs "Stories in Motion" which will encourage children to become active participants in the story being told. Listen for dates, times, and locations for these wonderful programs for kids. (Runtime 23:40)

5/17/2011 - Episode 063 - It's that time of year again, Summer Reading, and here to tell you everything you need to know is Children's Services Coordinator Miss Tanya and Teen Services Coordinator Miss Jennifer.  Find out about important dates, this year's themes, how to register, and prizes galore.  You'll hear about upcoming events and programs and also why reading during the summer is important for students of all ages.  (Runtime  23:20)

5/05/2011 - Episode 062 - We take the show on the road this week as you'll hear an interview that was recorded on location at the Children's Book Festival at USM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Children Services Coordinator Tanya Dimaggio, along with Youth Services Librarian Miss Jenny from the Mandeville Branch, interview Kim Becnel about books for children on the topic of bullying.  Kim Becnel is an assistant professor of library science at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. and used to be a Youth Services Librarian for us here at STPL.  Also, you'll meet our newest teen podcast host, Justine as well as some information on upcoming library events and programs.  (Runtime 32:54)

4/20/2011 - Episode 061 - April is National Poetry Month, and we celebrate with this show.  Three of our children's librarians share poems they love and know.  To listen to this discussion, click the link and the show will start.  You'll hear them read, back and forth, poems they hold near to their hearts. This show lasts, just about, one half hour in time.  And have you noticed this whole description is written in couplets that rhyme?   (Runtime 29:37)

4/06/2011 - Episode 060 - Celebrate Earth Day and Springtime at the St. Tammany Parish Library.  On this episode, you'll find out everything you need to know to participate in the the 3rd Annual Spring Herb Festival in Slidell on April 12.  This year's theme is "Bee Happy with Herbs" with tons of tutorials and demonstrations about bees and honey.  Also, you'll hear an interview with Lynda Deniger as she discusses her new book "Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill".  She'll be hosting a children's event at the Covington Branch library on April 12 at 4:30pm.  Also, we'll give you a rundown of some upcoming teen events all over the parish.  (Runtime 17:50)

4/05/2011 - Episode 059 - Author of the book "Dr. Mary's Monkey", Edward T. Haslam, gives a presentation about his book and the related book "Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love, and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" by Judyth Vary Baker.  Both books are available for checkout at your local STPL branch.  Mr. Haslam explains how the murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans, and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics. This recording took place in front of a packed meeting room on the morning of March 28th, 2011 at the Causeway Branch Library.  This podcast features the entire unedited program.   (Runtime 2:14:05)

3/24/2011 - Episode 058 - On this podcast, you get to sit in on two of our Children's Book Clubs, one in Slidell with Miss Mim and the other in Mandeville with Miss Jenny.  You'll hear from our young book club members as they discuss some of their favorite books including "Shiloh" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and"Dodger and Me" by Jordan Sonnenblick.  Also, Nicholas, our teen guest host, is back to tell you about some upcoming Teen Events at your local library.  (Runtime: 23:32)

3/09/2011 - Episode 057 - STPL is presenting a series of family sing-alongs soon, and on this episode, Children Services Coordinator Tanya Dimaggio interviews the performer who will be leading us all in song.  Singer/Songwriter Shad Weathersby gives you a little preview of what you can expect in his upcoming performances.  Also, you'll meet Nick, our newest teen podcast host.  He's got some important dates, times, and locations for upcoming teen events including our Teen Tech Week contest and celebration.  Finally, you'll hear part 2 of a recent library program that deals with how small businesses can utilize social media to help meet their customers needs.  (Runtime 42:12)

2/28/2011 - Episode 056 - Find out how children of all ages can come celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss at their local library.  Some of our Children's librarians discuss their favorite Seuss books and talk about the upcoming parties to celebrate "Read Across America" day which commemorates the birthday day of our most beloved author of children's books.  Also, our Teen guest host  Laura is back to give you a tour of the Teen page of our library's website.   Rounding out this episode is part 1 of a 2 part program on how you can use Social Media to help promote your business.  (Runtime 53:00)

2/14/2011 - Episode 055 - On this episode, Children Services Coordinator Tanya Dimaggio talks about her favorite Valentine's books for children of all ages.  Also, our Teen co-host Laura is back to tell you about some upcoming Teen events.  Finally, you'll hear an excerpt from a library program presented by New Orleans historian and the Big Easy's most colorful tour guide, Roberts Batson as he discusses the origin of the famed Congo Square.  (Runtime 16:23)

2/07/2011 - Episode 054 - On this episode, you'll hear all about an upcoming program in the "Astonishing Afternoons" series for children called "We Love Chocolate".  There will be jokes, funny stories, books, and crafts all centered around the goodness of chocolate.  Listen to find out more.  Also, you'll hear an interview with Laura, our first teen guest host of the year. She'll tell you all about herself and about an upcoming teen program called the "Un-Valentine's Day Bash".  Curious?  Listen to this episode for more info.  (Runtime: 17:35)

2/01/2011 - Episode 53 - On this episode, you'll hear about many of the books for teens and children that recently won awards in the 2011 Youth Media Awards.  There was a wide variety of categories for the awards, and you'll hear a discussion of many of the titles now available for you to check out and bring home.  Also on the show, Causeway branch manager Shellie Savoy discusses the different ways the library is using the internet and social media to help you stay connected and up to date on all the happenings at the St. Tammany Parish Library.  (Runtime:  24:01)

1/24/2011 - Episode 052 - On this episode, you'll meet the first place winners of our recent LEGO structure contests.  The contests were held at 3 different locations and covered 3 age groups.  You'll hear interviews of the winners as they describe what they built and what inspired them to build their winning creations.  Also on this week's show, Teen Services Coordinator Miss Jennifer shares some of the highlights of 2010 and some of the things teens can look forward to in 2011.  Finally, we'll tell you about some of the upcoming library programs and events for adults.  Find out the who, what, when, where, and how you can register to attend these fun activities throughout St. Tammany Parish.  (Runtime: 30:13)

1/14/2011 - Episode 051 - On this episode, you'll hear the conclusion of the "Top 5 Reasons Teens should visit the library" countdown, as well as the conclusion of our discussion of the favorite books  for children of 2010 as picked by our Children Services department.  Also, find out what the library can do for you concerning tax forms and instruction booklets.  (Runtime 32:36)

1/10/2011 - Episode 050  - Join host Benny Bruce as he introduces our new show format, which features something for everyone in every show.  For teens, check out Part 1 of a Top 5 countdown of reasons for teens to visit the library, hosted by Harley.  Also, we talk with Master Gardener Dr. Gerard Ballanco about his upcoming program "Growing Eggplants, Tomatoes, and Peppers from Seed."  And finally, join Children Services coordinator Miss Tanya and Children's Librarians Miss Mim of the Slidell branch and Miss Tamie of the Covington branch for Part 1 of a 2 part series where they discuss their favorite Children's Books of 2010.  (Runtime: 26:28)



5/13/2010 - Episode C012 - On this episode, find out everything you need to know about the 2010 STPL Summer Reading Program for Children.  Since this year is the Bi-Centennial Anniversary of St. Tammany Parish, we've chosen as this year's theme "St. Tammany Parish Reads - 200 Years of Reading".  Also on this show, Youth Services Librarian Miss Jane interviews Marshall Roy, the first place winner from the LEGO Structure contest in the 9-11 year old age group at the Covington Branch Library.  (Runtime: 14:35)

2/25/2010 - Episode C011 -   On this episode, Children Services coordinator Tanya DiMaggio interviews Logan, the winner of our first ever Summer Reading Art competition.  Find out what inspired his winning piece.  Also, we'll tell you about some of the many upcoming events for children happening all over the parish.   (Runtime 6:54)

12/10/2009 - Episode C010 - Christmas is a festive time around here at the St. Tammany Parish Library.  How busy, you ask?  Well, just take a listen to this podcast and see for yourself.  On this episode, we'll give you a rundown of all the Holiday events happening in the month of December at all of our library branches, including information on how you can bring the little ones to meet Santa Claus in person.  There are even events for Teens as well as fun for the whole family.  There is truly something for everyone this month and you're just one click away from hearing about all of them.  (Runtime 5:29)

5/28/2009 - Episode C009 - On this episode, we spotlight Children's Bookclubs.  Youth Services Librarian Miss Shellie from the Mandeville Branch Library introduces us to some of the members of the Breakfast Book Club.  Also included is information about various children's bookclubs offered around the parish at several of our branches.  Also on this episode, we discuss our Summer Reading program.  The theme for this year is "Pop Open a Good Book".  (Runtime: 12:00)

3/06/2009 - Episode C008 - On this episode, it's LEGO-mania running wild.  Covington Branch Youth Services Librarian Jane Perreault interviews our two first place winners in the recent Lego Structure contest held in Covington.  Listen in as the winner of the 12-17 year old age group, Zachary, and the winner of the 7-11 year old age group, Logan, discuss their structures and their inspirations. Then, don't forget to check out the KIDS section here on our web site for pictures of all the Lego structures and vote for your favorite.  (Runtime: 7:09)


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