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Donald Westmoreland, Director

St. Tammany Parish Library Employment Application

Current positions:

Librarian I Reference - Job Announcement Job Description

St. Tammany Parish Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Position and salary schedules

The St. Tammany Parish Library is an equal opportunity employer.

                         Starting         Starting
                          Hourly           Annual
    Library Associate I       $10.97         $22,817.60    
Library Associate II      $12.34         $25,667.20
Library Associate III     $13.89         $28,891.20
Library Associate IV      $15.64         $32,531.20
Library Associate V       $17.60         $36,608.00

Librarian I               $19.23         $39,998.40
Librarian II              $21.01         $43,700.80
Librarian III             $23.65         $49,192.00
Librarian IV              $25.84         $53,747.20
(Part time positions - 20 hours a week)
Page                       $10.04
Library Assistant          $10.34

  • 15 Vacation days per year - Unused annual leave carries over to the next year as long as the balance is 600 hours or less.
  • 12.5 Sick days per year - Unused sick leave carries over to the next year.
  • 14 Paid holidays per year
  • Health insurance/ with prescription benefit/dental/vision coverage - employees total cost for health insurance
    (with no dependents) is $5.00 every two weeks.
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plan

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